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We're Metacare and we're on a mission to help companies of all sizes scale tough customer support interactions.

We're building customer service that scales

When a new business is born, its founders are personally involved in many aspects including providing support. When a customer has a challenge they make sure their concerns are addressed and they leave satisfied. As the company grows, founders start to delegate these duties. They hire a team of agents and all seems to be on course.

Then they experience a hyper growth phase and the service team can't grow fast enough to accommodate this new reality. Response times collapse and support becomes just a bit more distant and cold.

But it's the sacrifice for growth isn't it? It shouldn't be. Metacare is here to make sure companies never have to make that trade-off. We're building the tools to help support agents do their best work with design, focus and craft

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Our current team has worked on this for the past 9 months and now we're looking to hire conscientious, creative and hardworking teammates who are superstars in their chosen fields—people who are undoubtedly great at what they do. We're committed to our goal to change the face of customer support forever and we hold ourselves to very high standards so we expect you to do so as well!

You can learn more about how we're trying to bring the magic back to customer support. Read our manifesto here →

Open Positions


Working at Metacare

Metacare is still a very young startup. We kicked off officially as a company barely 5 months ago. Even though we're a small community, we're passionate about solving big problems in ways that are creative and exciting. Each member of our team is curious, hardworking and eager to learn so it's a great place to work if you value these sort of things. We plan to build for global markets because we think we're talented enough. So if you're coming on to our team, we think you are as well!

What we're convinced of is the global nature of the problem we're tackling. Support automation (chatbots) doesn't scale because it's badly implemented. Artificial intelligence systems are only as good as the frameworks that sit behind to help them learn and that is what's missing. Metacare is like a set of Legos, giving support agents the freedom to design their custom workflows and reduce the time and effort they spend working. Our CEO refers to it as the 'Figma for support agents.' but in all Metacare is a toolbox of software elements that allows support agents manage and have conversations with customers the way they like. To bring this vision to life we're looking to build a diverse team of system thinkers, problem solvers and inventors passionate about helping make life easier for others through software.

The team is working remote at the moment, we keep in touch via gather.town which is almost like the real thing 😉

You can check out our Twitter page @metacare while we work to get our Instagram and Facebook (sorry.. Meta) pages up and running.

We'd be delighted to have you on board with us!

Oh and one more thing...

This is Loki 👇 He works with us as our unofficial Chief of Staff/Swag. He loves his morning walks and is pretty good at shredding things. We usually have to run our vacation requests by him.